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Making the most of your ducted evaporative air conditioning

Making the most of your ducted evaporative air conditioning

How does evaporative air conditioning work?

Evaporative systems work by drawing air through water-soaked pads via a powerful motor and delivering the air through insulated ducts to your rooms. They are installed on the roof of your home and ducted through the ceiling, which means they can deliver a large amount of air through various rooms of the house, keeping you and your family cool.

By leaving doors and windows slightly open, you are allowing the warm air to be pushed out. This means you are constantly having the cool air circulated throughout your home, while still enjoying the fresh air.

What are the benefits of evaporative air conditioning?

Evaporative air conditioning uses less energy and is more cost-effective than other types of air conditioning, such as refrigerated systems. The fact that it allows airflow through ventilation means that the air is fresh and healthy, which is a benefit to families and allergy sufferers.

How do I care for my evaporative air conditioning?

In order to ensure that your evaporative air conditioning is performing at its peak, it is advised to service your system at least annually. In the meantime, you can care for your air conditioning by cleaning vents with clean water and turning the system off when you leave the house or do not require it to be on.

We are here to help you make the most of your evaporative air conditioning system. Contact us today and we will help you to stay cool through Perth’s beautiful, warm weather.

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