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Coolair… Australia’s greatest value for money home cooling!

A High-performer with Unbelievable value, welcome to…
Coolair ducted evaporative cooling

Coolair… Australia’s greatest value for money home cooling!

  • Warranty durable quality
  • Efficient save up to 75% on energy costs*
  • Australian made and owned
  • Natural fresh, cool, clean air
  • Alfresco living with options for security vents so you can leave doors and windows closed
  • NATA accredited test results substantiate superior product performance

Save up to $235 per year in running costs compared to a ducted reverse cycle system*

*Seeley International’s calculation based on approximate running costs figures from publically sourced data. Comparison with 2 stars not zoned ducted refrigerative system in a large size (220m2) 2-star pre-2005 house in a Melbourne climate, cooling all day on the weekend and in the morning and evenings when internal temperatures are high, and an electricity tariff of 31.9c/kWh. Water cost excluded.

Coolair ducted evaporative cooling

Features and benefits

Exceptional water distribution increases the cooling effect
Coolair’s unique patented water distribution system means no clogging and no dry spots on the filter pads.
• Clever high-efficiency pad wetting system
• Total pad saturation for a total cooling
• High-performance cooling day and night

Tornado® pump that won’t block
• Australian designed and manufactured
• Built to outlast other less efficient conventional style pumps
• Dual directional – it can’t block!

Stealth® fan is whisper quiet
• Advanced aerodynamic design
• Super quiet in operation
• Produces a constant, cool, quiet and refreshing breeze at a fraction of alternative running costs

Breakthrough Mini-cell* Chillcel® pad technology
• The only evaporative cooling pads fully manufactured in Australia to suit the harsh Australian climate, and is an absolute over-performer!
• Breakthrough pad formulation has resulted in having 25% more surface area dramatically improving cooling efficiency
• Enhanced small cell design provides cutting-edge levels of cooling capacity

AutoWintersealTM reduces draughts and dust
• Automatically closes off the air conditioning ducts when not in use
• Reduces winter chills entering your home
• Ensures comfort all year round

Highly durable and non-corrosive outer casing
• Visually discreet, low profile
• Integrates unobtrusively with the roof line
• High performance Permatuf® polymer construction
• Highly durable, will not corrode or rust
• Available in a range of contemporary colours

Auto water draining keeps your system clean (optional)
• Reduce the need for seasonal maintenance with this optional feature+
• This clever device conserves water by retaining the system’s water for up to 72 hours of non-operation

Flexible control with MagIQcool®
• The Coolair MagIQcool® controller is incredibly easy to use
• Set your preferred temperature level on the clever wall mounted control and Coolair will do the rest – quickly, cleanly and reliably
• Maintain your desired comfort level with four convenient modes to choose from – cool, vent, auto and timer

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